Happy Birthday Windows XP

Dear Windows XP,

Happy birthday, it’s been a good decade and you still look as good as when I first used you having used Windows 98 in the prior years. Admirably, you stuck strong all the way through the Vista years, but it seems your successor’s successor has finally overtaken you in popularity. It’s hard to say how much longer I’ll use you, however the incentives to upgrading aren’t too great… sure I guess now you won’t run Battlefield 3 but before then it was just Internet Explorer 9 and Halo 2! So here’s to looking at you!

[It’s a little hard to believe that I’m still actively using an OS that’s ten years old. As far as computing goes, that pretty ancient, but XP just works. You can install it on almost any range of machine and with a fresh install, it will run pretty smoothly. ¬†Yeah, I really like using Windows 7 when I get the chance, it has some really nice UI features that I wish even OSX had. Yet for now everything I use still supports XP so I see no urgency to upgrade.]


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