V-Cube 3 Leaked

According to this speedsolving.com post and the subsequent links inside Verdes Innovations is making a 3×3 cube. Product was apparently posted to Amazon too early and with it, the pictures. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s pillowed, like their 7×7 and one of their 2×2’s! This is very unfortunate because it means that it will not be allowed in WCA competition (see rule 3h with curved sides more pieces than normal are viewable).

Historically Verdes cubes has not been listened to their fans and has even gone out of their way a couple times to prevent the sale of  certain cubes that they claim infringe on patents (the GuHong). I would really like to see a V-Cube 4 more than anything else (although it’ll probably be most like a Maru 4×4) and some people would like to see larger cubes than the 7x7s. Either way, few people wanted them to make a 3×3, and now that they have, it’s pillowed!? C’mon.

I don’t think I’ll be getting this even to simply review, it looks a lot like the Meffert’s Feliks 3×3 and I’m sure it’s fast, but not WCA legal and that’s a big determinant on what puzzles I get.

UPDATE: There’s a flat version too!

5 thoughts on “V-Cube 3 Leaked”

  1. I agree with you, I really want to see a V-Cube 4 more than anything else. Big cubes would be too expensive in my opinion, and a pillowed 3×3 isn’t even worth getting, because I’m sure since it’s V-Cube it’ll be on the higher side money-wise. And that it’s pillowed also makes it completely useless to me, and most other people.

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