Dayan Color Scheme Infringes on Seven Towns Copyright

If you can copyright a black rectangle, it would only make sense that you can copyright a color scheme. Seven Towns the owner of the “Rubik’s Cube” brand notified Dayan, the maker of the notable cubes such as the GuHong and Zhanchi, that the color scheme violated Seven Towns’ copyright. That is blue opposite green, white opposite yellow, and red opposite orange. Dayan will be addressing this by changing orange to purple as the default color scheme of their cubes. The only good I see coming out of this is that people who use purple color schemes will be happy, and will see a large order increase of only orange stickers.

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10 thoughts on “Dayan Color Scheme Infringes on Seven Towns Copyright”

  1. I think Seven Towns is being ridiculous, But Dayan handled the situation well by not making a huge deal about it, so that’s good.

  2. Honestly I couldn’t care less, my only concern is that cubing with purple might slow down my times, if they could send a set of all the colors with orange AND purple and let us sticker the cubes ourself i think this cann all work out, or at least send the cube stickered but with orange. Question though! What about the darned colored cubes!

  3. Clarification- send the cube either stickered with the new color scheme and give a set of orange stickers or send it non-stickered and give all the colors including orange and purple

  4. Dayan is great and seven towns is being unreasonable it won’t be soon until they go after v-cube and other companies with this

  5. According to the copyright laws I’ve studied, you can’t copyright just color schemes… which is how this seems to me… Don’t know what loophole was crawled through here.

    1. “The mark consists of a three dimensional shape of a cube with six faces.
      The applicant claims the shape of a cube with six faces as an element of the trade mark.
      The applicant claims the colours red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white and black as elements of the trade mark.”

      This is from their official copyright file.

  6. The major cube manufacturers should team up and buy Rubik’s, then make all the patents publicly available for use.

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