New Asian 3×3 Continental Record

At 6.15 by Asia Konvittayayotin with a Dayan ZhanChi.  The solve was in the second round and overall Asia came in second in the competition overall behind Thailand’s most well known cuber Piti Pechidpan. Video:

The Continental Single Records Stand as Such:

  1. 5.66 – Oceania
  2. 6.15 – Asia
  3. 6.41 – Europe
  4. 6.93 – North America
  5. 7.78 – South America
  6. 11.00 – Africa
Say, that’s fairly exponential…
What would it look like as a graph from all time? I think I’ll have more to come.

Source: WCA Results page

More: Reconstruction of Solve on

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