Things are looking good so far, I have to change the images and little formatting quirks. Still though, the whole site is in PHP + HTML now. This way it will be even easier to upgrade in future. It’s fun taking these little steps to simplicity of upgrading a site. The function is awesome by the way.

another crack at it.

Still messing around with the logo, at least I know I want Helvitica though. I’m experimenting a lot with the cube still, colors shape etc, which by the way is harder if you don’t have Illustrator. Oh there’s no shadow in these, that should be changed.

In other news I filmed some stuff last week and hopefully will resume posting semi-regularly this or next week.

My Website’s look is so 2007

Actually it was designed in 2008 but that’s beside the point. I’m getting a little tired of using Hypatia Sans for everything. And so Helvetica comes to the rescue! I think, below is a little mock up of the site’s new logo.TheSixSides 3.0

I don’t know if I will actually use it or not. I don’t even know if I will redesign or not, I’ve done at least a dozen sketches of what I would like it to be, time is precious though and I’ve recently discovered my school’s media lab where there are electronic keyboards plugged into Macs. The music you’ve been hearing in my FiveAwesomeCubers videos is from that.

Before I end this post big thanks to everyone who has been wishing me luck here in college, it’s been very pleasant so far, thank you.

The (Temporary) End of Tip of the Week

So episode 10 was posted the other day, and it’s the episode where I really decided to stop making Tip of the Week for a while, mostly because I don’t have the same resources here to work with, and I don’t think I’ll have as much time to make videos overall. (see the final episode here)

I said this in the video, but I want to thank everyone again who liked it you made this possible through your views and ratings. Even those people who didn’t like it helped with this production, you provided criticisms that forced me to try new tutorial methods and teach different or new concepts with a twist. Making any tutorial or video experimentation is always important, the critics and haters make this experimentation possible to a point.

Well that’s it for now I felt like writing that out to everyone. I’ll probably compile a playlist like thing here on my site eventually under the cubing section. Also I’ve been wanting to put all the episodes on iTunes for download, I don’t know how much of a demand for it there is but it would be fun and probably good to know how to do. So if that happens I’ll tell you all.

Other Thoughts:  the Swedish band “Movits!” is really cool, I would say it’s like Vampire Weekend with a 1920’s ragtime jazz band, oh yeah except Swedish (not Norwegian).