Forms of Rejection Letters

Please try again

“Thanks for applying. We have decided that you are not a good fit here. We encourage you to apply again in the future even though we have not told you what was wrong with you as a candidate or application.”

The data collectors

“… We will keep your resume in our records—a pile of dusty papers by the oil soaked rags— and contact you if an appropriate opportunity occurs in the near future.”

The single breath

“The interviewing team has decided not to move forward at this time.” No hello, no signature.

More experience

“Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Just, all of it, there was so much of it, and we appreciate it. Unfortunately we are looking for someone with more experience.”

Different skill sets

“We have decided that you are not a good fit here. You were wearing a blue shirt and we all wear white shirts. Also, you’re left handed and we’re right handed. It will never work and neither will you (at least here, good luck)!”

Bury the lead

“Thanks for applying. We receive over 4000 applications annually … [three sentences later]. We’re growing a lot and we need to make our hiring decisions very carefully.
[A paragraph later, In the middle]. Unfortunately, there isn’t quite strong enough alignment between your skill set and the immediate needs of the team.”

There is another paragraph after this wishing you well, but by this time you know it’s a pre-written response all the rejects receive and you don’t so much feel well wished as you feel that you’re just not good enough. After you receive the fifth one of these you feel that maybe the current economic system misplaces value of you just didn’t go to the right school.

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