Alto’s Odyssey Review

I place the first game, Alto’s Adventure, high in the echelons of great iOS games. Alto’s Odyssey builds on the simplicity of Adventure in just the right ways. While I still greatly recommend the first game, after playing all the way through Odyssey I’m starting to think you should skip it entirely. The core difference […]

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How to Run a Crowdfunding Scam

Despite only ever funding one crowdfunding campaign in my entire life, the targeted ad powers that be have determined that I really like crowdfunding. A specific category always gets advertised to me: technology that can do something truly amazing which no one else is pursuing. A year or so later I catch an article that […]


Settler of Martan

Dear Settler, Congratulations! Your application to be a citizen in a contest to see who can best develop a yet unnamed island has been accepted! You shall develop the towns and villages under the banner of myself, the Earl of Martan. Godspeed! — Dear Settler, Welcome to the island! We have provided you the supplies […]

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Google Glass Review

I was thrilled when I heard we were getting a pair of Google Glass at work. This was announced a few weeks after the “Explorer Program” went public. Now, for the extreme cost of $1500 US per pair, Google Glass can be yours too. The upfront cost might make you think that you’re getting an […]