The New(?) System

I admit I’m very hesitant about posting this announcing a new system or method that I am using. Mostly because it is so similar to Petrus, yet at the same time not at all. I’ll mostly let the reader decide what to call it and tripple check with people before naming it after someone (especially me). Soooo here’s the story.

It’s a late thursday night, I’m cubing, after a hideous 23.xx average but with one amazing 16.xx single. This 16.xx was the last solve of the 5 and I had gotten an extended cross on it (the cross with 1 F2L slot finished) so then I realized, “Hey I always get good times where I have an extended cross or some sort of 2x2x2 form, so why don’t I always start with a 2x2x2 block?” It took only a few solves to try this new system out and sure enough my times dropped. A lot.

Just look at the averages drop.
Just look at the averages drop.

So after a video glitch in an average of 12 with this new system it seemed to work! So what is it all together? I’ll try to elaborate. Before I start, I think it’s safe to say that color neutrality is very advantageous.

1. Get a 2x2x2 block somehow, doesn’t matter how, sure look ahead a bit for the next slot after it, but you really can’t plan all that well.

2. Finish up the next two layers either by adding the two last edges to make an extended cross. Or by making the 2x2x2 into a 2x2x3. From the 2x2x3 you can choose the side the LL will be on.

3. Do LL how ever you want to.

So for those interested and who understood those three consise yet complex steps, call the system what it is, and if it isn’t around then what you want. I’ve misnamed things in the past before so I’m not making any calls here just to be safe.

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