ShengShou 7×7, Non-Pillowed Cube Advantage?

Dan Cohen made this post in the speedsolving video section of a simple 7×7 single solve with the ShengShou 7×7. The time of the single solve was 3:17.05, three seconds under the current world record average and four seconds above the single solve world record. I’m not typically someone who is vaguely interested in the 7×7 event but this one sparked my interest simply because the 7×7 Dan is using is not pillowed. Compare these times to his in the wca database, his official single and average is 3:44.xx and 3:57.xx respectively. So if you’re following he got a single time on video 30 seconds under his normal average and uncomfortably close to the world record (uncomfortable if you’re Lin Chen)!

I think this is saying something more. Not just about the new 7×7 and ShengShou’s big cube innovations, but about pillowed vs non-pillowed cubes. This 30s jump for Cohen could easily go to show that pillowed cubes are generally slower. Although it’s a jump with only one firm data point, think to your own experience with non-cubic cubes (weird wording but you get it right?). My experience at competitions with pillowed 3x3s haven’t typically resulted in faster times and the pillowed V-Cube 2×2 wasn’t that much faster for me. The curved sides on the V-Cube 7×7 may feel better in your hands, an experienced cuber just dropping 30s in a solve says something huge, nay, screams it. The 7×7 world record is going to plummet this summer.

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Nice solve. I noticed he had to fix the outer parity, and that the 3×3 solve was a little shaky. I’ve got the V and SS 7x7x7s. There is no comparison. The SS almost never pops and is far easier to turn. It’s easier to turn partly because of the flat sides.

When you take them apart the superiority of the SS is clear. They designed it to avoid pops and to reduce friction they’re using more cylindrical surfaces than the V. There’s also a two level support at the centers. And adjustable springs.

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