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The Rubik’s Touchcube Review + Pics

Is this just another one of Rubik’s Inc.’s last breath, gimmicky, non-turning products like the Rubik’s 360 and the Revolution? Read on to find out. (Click on any of the pictures below for the full size. The blues, whites, and yellows didn’t come though on the camera so well I touched them up as best […]


The (Temporary) End of Tip of the Week

So episode 10 was posted the other day, and it’s the episode where I really decided to stop making Tip of the Week for a while, mostly because I don’t have the same resources here to work with, and I don’t think I’ll have as much time to make videos overall. (see the final episode […]

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V-Cube 5 Full Review

This is a little over due now, the video that probably made you want to go here was filmed maybe a week too late, like I said, I filmed over it. All the challenges and stuff I did last week prevented me from making the ones I really wanted to. So then here are my […]


Mac’s Galore

Sitting in my high school’s library now, looking around it’s slightly surprising to me that Apple only has an 8% market share. I see two MacBooks, two MacBook Pros, and 5 various models of the iPod.* Many of you may or may not know in the end of October 2008 I bought the $1600 MacBook, […]