Rowe Hessler now in the FiveAwesomeCubers

The title pretty much sums it up, and I guess I’m getting at this late, but the 2009 American Champion is now on board with the FiveAwesomeCubers. He’s made two videos so far, both highly entertaining and bloody fast. Of the two I recommend the first one, great one handed tips. Click here to see it.

In the meantime, I haven’t posted in two weeks, I got some ideas for this Friday for sure though, see you then!

Thanks for reading!


Things are looking good so far, I have to change the images and little formatting quirks. Still though, the whole site is in PHP + HTML now. This way it will be even easier to upgrade in future. It’s fun taking these little steps to simplicity of upgrading a site. The function is awesome by the way.

another crack at it.

Still messing around with the logo, at least I know I want Helvitica though. I’m experimenting a lot with the cube still, colors shape etc, which by the way is harder if you don’t have Illustrator. Oh there’s no shadow in these, that should be changed.

In other news I filmed some stuff last week and hopefully will resume posting semi-regularly this or next week.