A Weekend in Speedcubing

There have been three competitions in the last two days one three different continents, included are several new records pushing the competition even further in the world of speedcubing. We’ll go in reverse order.

Chattahoochee Spring: Chris Hardwick (my cubing hero) is back setting the world records for solving big cubes blindfolded again. Now that Mayas Kuti is out of competition for a few years the Blindfolded events are going to see some major competition. Already the contest for the first official (and legal) sub-minute solve is under way, the closest person to it seeming to be Rowe Hessler, claiming an astounding 54.77 Blindfolded average of 12 last week. But until he gets to a competition, the record still stands at 1:00.62 set by Alexander Yu at Princeton last week.

Danish Open: There were no world records set at this competition, again now that Kuti is out, European competitions are going to be a little more saturated, as in a lot more National Records, less World Records. The only other thing which I find more funny about this competition is that former world record holder Erik Akkersdijk won everything except three events. Made me laugh anyway.

Osaka Open: This competition was filled with World Records, most significant being the World Record 3×3 average World Champion Yu Nakajima set at 11.33! His times (16.69) , 12.56, (10.46), 10.72, 10.71 are proof that he is capable of a sub-11 or possibly even a sub-10 average in a competition. Giving the best solvers on all continents a run for their money. Other World Records include Takayuki Ookusa‘s World Record single solve of 1:27.43 and his average of 1:35.04, which coincidently equals my personal best for the 4×4!

So that’s it for this weekend, until next time keep cubing!

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