V-Cube 6 Extended Review

Before I start I’d like the revise a statement about the 6×6 tutorial in the video. I might make one, I’m considering a written guide rather than a video tutorial as its more common of a medium for communicating How-To’s. So I’ll make the final decision on that later.
If you’ve already seen my most recent video on YouTube then you already know the majority of my opinions about this cube. What I wasn’t able to mention were the things that I’ve found out on the second day of owning it.

To start, this cube isn’t perfect, no cube is there are some cons and pros I wasn’t able to list in the initial review due to that I only wanted to have an hour to try it out and make a video of it showing my true first thoughts on this product. It’s a little over 24-hours since I made the video, and despite the cons and pros I’ve discovered over the last few hours, my opinion that was expressed in the video remains unchanged.

    Discovered Pros:

  • You can cut corners like a pro without popping: As mentioned in the video this cube is extremely sturdy and takes a lot to pop it significantly. The only limit is how willing are you to push this characteristic to it’s advantage. Even on the second day of owning it I still move the sides rather cautiously, but at least twice as fast since yesterday.
  • Without lubrication, it’s still pretty fast: (wow that’s dirty) Like any cube it can be worn down, and is naturally adjusted to your solving style, this cube does exactly that.
    Discovered Cons:

  • Like a Rubik’s 5×5, the center corners occasionally twist: This is the scariest con I’ve discovered, anyone whose seriously tried a Rubik’s 5×5 knows of the curse of the center corners twisting and sometimes breaking. You’d think that this fear completely carries over to the 6×6. However the two pops I got today are reassuring, closer examination of the center corners reveals that they’re built totally different than a flimsy Rubik’s 5×5’s center corners. So while they may not break (phew) they still twist (awwww).the center corner ahhh!!

Yes, I only discovered one con. The final thing I want to write about is why I only got the 6×6 and not a 5×5 or 7×7. There are several reasons behind this. For one, I already have a 5×5, it’s not very fun, somehow the 6×6 with all it’s parities is. As for the 7×7 this one’s a no-brainer for me, as much as I’d like a massive cube with pillowed sides, if the WCA introduces any of these cubes into competition, It’s most likely going to be the 6×6, due to it’s size and the time it would take to solve it, i believe that the the 7×7 will not be introduced to competition.
So there you have it, hope you’ve enjoyed the the pictures that came with this post. Keep cubing!

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Wow, By far this is one of the best reviews i have read. It is honest, you not only say the pro’s (like most of them do) but to also explain the con’s. Great Video Great Writen Review

does v cube have a website? i would like to add a 6×6 and 7×7 to my collection plz email me thank u!!!

What websites/shops do you recommend to buy rubik;’s type puzzles like square-1, square-2, 4 layered square-1, alexanders star, megaminx, pyraminx, etc….. (if possible websites that make good quality rubik’s puzzles.)

Hey nice review. Im getting v-cube 5 soon and then the 6. I cant wait to mod them both!

Mod for v-cube 5 to get rid of outer clicking layers:

Mod for v-cube 6 to get rid of clicking, popping and internal mechanism alignment issues part one:

Mod for v-cube 6 to get rid of clicking, popping and internal mechanism alignment issues part two:

Where to buy the v-cubes:

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