Switching Up Main Cubes and Deducing Use-Life

We all know cubes don’t last forever. In this day and age cubes are getting better and better, rapidly. Some of the most major cubes have come out within the last year and a half or so. The F-II, the Alpha V / Haiyan, and (currently most notorious) the Dayan Guhong. So when is it time to switch them up? You can’t simply switch main cubes every few months, it’s rare that you pick up a cube and it just works, it usually takes time.

When I first reviewed the Dayan Guhong, I wasn’t too impressed with it, now though, it’s my main cube. I’ve essentially transitioned into using it and I’m retiring my Alpha V, which I still regard highly, for the Dayan with which I’m closing in on th 16/15s barrier. My Alpha V lasted just over a year of heavy use. hmmmm

Thinking about some of my other old worn out cubes too, I think one could deduce a way to predict when one wi’ll need a new cube! Here are some use-lives I’ve seen through my other cubes:

  • Alpha V: 1 year, heavy use as a main.
  • Rubik’s 25th: 1.5 years, moderate-heavy use as a main and an OH cube.
  • Regular Rubik’s brand: 2 years light use as an OH cube.
  • Rubik’s 4×4 #1: 1.5 years moderate use.
  • Rubik’s 4×4 #2: 4 months, heavy use after I did a Squircle Mod on it.
  • Maru 4×4: 6 months, heavy use.
  • V-Cube 5 #1: 9 months, heavy use in the latter days.
  • The Eastsheen 5×5 (I used to have) and the 2×2 never really wore out, those are really durable cubes.

Cool? From this I judge how often I’ll need a new 5×5, and a 4×4 (provided I stick with the Maru). How long will the Dayan last? If it’s another year I can anticipate transitioning to using a new cube! I think this is pretty neat as someone who has less than ten 3×3’s. Tell me what you think of this below and if you have any use-lives I’d really like to know and compare them.

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My Alpha V lasted about 8 months of very heavy use. It’s still usable but not really fun to use anymore.

My F-II died after about 7 months of moderately heavy use. And then I lost it so I don’t really say I have one anymore.

All my other 3x3x3s (Edison, Alpha V-f, Dayan LingYun, and Dayan GuHong) are still in good condition and I sort of rotate them depending on my mood. But mostly I use Dayan GuHong and Alpha V-f.

Also, grammar correction in the second to last sentence: FEWER than ten 3×3’s. 😛 Yes I’m picky.

As for other sizes of cubes, my Maru is still all right after 8 months of light to moderate use. My Dayan+MF8 4x4x4 is still good after like, 2 months of moderate use so obviously that isn’t really saying much…

I dont think i have consistently used a cube long enough for it to die. I also believe that it also depends on the lube that you use will effect how long the cube lasts.

I started with a Haiyan Memory and it lasted for a long time until it got weird. I ended up selling it and getting a new one which is still awesome.

Currently with all my 3×3’s I use the Dayan Gu Hong, Haiyan Memory, Dayan Lingyun, and the Haiyans Haiyan the most. I just bought the Alpha CC which i find amazing but not going to be my main.

For bigger cubes i used a Maru for a long time but I ended up not liking the feeling compared to the X cube 4. That cube though has only become better through use. It started crappy and now is amazing. I think its my longest lasting main cube. 6 months of constant use.

I have been using my V cube 5 more lately and its a great cube but idk i cant decide on a 5×5. I lubed it with lubix and it made it 3x better but still its great for centers but edges and 3×3 stage are hard because its not loose enough. I just got the Shengshou 5×5 which is great.

Using lubix will make you cube last longer. Since it never breaks down the plastic over time all i have to worry about is friction which still wont deteriorate your cube really fast. Maybe because you use CRC it makes the cube wear down fast then mine??

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