Switching Up Main Cubes and Deducing Use-Life

We all know cubes don’t last forever. In this day and age cubes are getting better and better, rapidly. Some of the most major cubes have come out within the last year and a half or so. The F-II, the Alpha V / Haiyan, and (currently most notorious) the Dayan Guhong. So when is it time to switch them up? You can’t simply switch main cubes every few months, it’s rare that you pick up a cube and it just works, it usually takes time.

When I first reviewed the Dayan Guhong, I wasn’t too impressed with it, now though, it’s my main cube. I’ve essentially transitioned into using it and I’m retiring my Alpha V, which I still regard highly, for the Dayan with which I’m closing in on th 16/15s barrier. My Alpha V lasted just over a year of heavy use. hmmmm

Thinking about some of my other old worn out cubes too, I think one could deduce a way to predict when one wi’ll need a new cube! Here are some use-lives I’ve seen through my other cubes:

  • Alpha V: 1 year, heavy use as a main.
  • Rubik’s 25th: 1.5 years, moderate-heavy use as a main and an OH cube.
  • Regular Rubik’s brand: 2 years light use as an OH cube.
  • Rubik’s 4×4 #1: 1.5 years moderate use.
  • Rubik’s 4×4 #2: 4 months, heavy use after I did a Squircle Mod on it.
  • Maru 4×4: 6 months, heavy use.
  • V-Cube 5 #1: 9 months, heavy use in the latter days.
  • The Eastsheen 5×5 (I used to have) and the 2×2 never really wore out, those are really durable cubes.

Cool? From this I judge how often I’ll need a new 5×5, and a 4×4 (provided I stick with the Maru). How long will the Dayan last? If it’s another year I can anticipate transitioning to using a new cube! I think this is pretty neat as someone who has less than ten 3×3’s. Tell me what you think of this below and if you have any use-lives I’d really like to know and compare them.

The Importance of Consistent Practice

You want to be good at all your puzzles right? You aim to be in the top 1000 for all the WCA puzzles you compete in. Well that’s a little hard, because it means you have to consistently practice all your events. Now for me, I hadn’t practiced the Megaminx in a while, when a friend asked how fast I was, I had to check for myself. Being an avid Cubemania user I decided to log an average…

Cubemania Graph
The most recent time was the one I did today. The box is for the one before it.

WHOA!! The box is for the average right before that really slow one, the one I did today. I haven’t done Megaminx in 5 months, I did not expect that kind of slow down in time.

I chatted with Norwegian master Morten Arborg once and he told me he does ~300 cubes a day! If this shows you anything it’s that it takes time and energy to maintain speed and good performance.  There are events in this sport that just come down to practice, practice, and more practice.